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Sample work & FAQ


⇒ is it work for online verification?

Answer : Tested for Paypal verification and submitted on multiple paypal account and success rate was 100% but don’t know about the other online account.

⇒ My photo background is not blue color, do you change the photo background?

Answer : Yes, we will remove photo background and replace it to blue or other color.

⇒ how to upload my signature?

Answer : just write your signature in a white paper and take a photo of it then upload it. or you can keep it blank, and we will do your signature using signature font.
⇒ Is multiple order allowed?

Answer : Yes Multiple order is allowed.

Here is our sample work below :

Default Type





***Which type of id design you want, please write it in “Other information” field, you will get this field in editing service order form. Otherwise you will get default type of id design.


Mobile version: Enabled